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UppWireless and UppMobile
A mobile carrier that only cares about internet.

  • Product Management
  • UX Design
  • Art direction

  • UppWireless is a MVNO created to provide an internet only service. This project was a natural extension to UppTalk's service, creating the perfect synergy between the cloud phone experience and a simple mobile internet provider.

    As the Product Manager of both UppTalk and UppWireless, the challenge was to make a smooth bridge from a 100% online service to a traditional mobile operator. Making the carrier experience as good as the one experienced in the app.

    The key element was the SIM activation process and the selfcare portal. A tool traditionally neglected by the big carriers, but in our context required a much deeper approach. Customer service had to be just perfect and that starts with an intuitive and easy to use selfcare portal.

    UppWireless was launched in United States with a good reception and some months later we expanded the model to Spain.